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FishCharmer.com Web Design creates your web presence with personality for your business, hobby, or an on-line family newsletter.

Take a look at some of our client's web sites.

FishCharmer.com is your choice for fast, friendly, professional service. Offering custom graphics & photos, as well as stock clipart & photos. Your web site will reflect YOUR desires... no cookie-cutter template style web sites, and you can even watch your site being designed on-line.

Our philosophy is the keep it as simple as possible so your viewers can easily find what they are looking for, but with style that will reflect your personality and product or service.

Custom Designs   Site Promotion  

Most information can be transformed into a custom web site to highlight your business, product or services. This can be obtained from a full-fledged professional company image to scribbled notes and a couple of photos. 

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Put your web site address on everything anyone will ever see:  brochures, business cards, car, house, t-shirts, balloons, pens, key chains, bookmarks, and custom wall murals on prominent buildings.  This is not just your web site you are promoting... it's your business! 

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Clients Speak Out    

"I told my brother that even though you do a good amount of business yourself, you made me feel as if I was your ONLY customer!  I think excellent customer service is vital to maintaining a great business!" 
~ Lynda ~ Confectionfairy.net


Thanks so much for all of your efforts to put together a quality web site quickly - I Love it!
~ Julie & 4 legged friends ~ Senerity Tibetans



If you have any questions check out the FAQ page or drop us an email

Important Information on Cost of Services

At FishCharmer.com we provide, as accurate as possible, cost estimates based on YOUR description of the project. Within our cost estimate, expected changes which invariable occur during the design and implementation of the site, have been factored in.  However, if you request services not included in the original quote, you will be informed of the estimated additional cost.

Most fixed quote projects require a 1/3 deposit before work can begin, 1/3 when the site is ready for your review and the balance due on publishing the site for public view.

All product files become the property of FishCharmer.com and may be purchased on CD for an additional fee.

FishCharmer Web Design

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