Put your web site address on everything anyone will ever see: brochures, business cards, car, house, t-shirts, balloons, pens, key chains, bookmarks, custom wall murals on prominent buildings Facebook, Twitter and other social media. This is not just your web site you are promoting... it's your business!

Maybe that's a bit dramatic, but I hope you'll at least remember to add your web site address to all current and future advertising. This is too often overlooked.

Exchange Links

Sites can often be found that will add a link to your site or trade links with you. The challenge is in keeping these to useful and relevant links.

Search Engines

We'll register your site with the top search engines and directories that accept free submissions. This does not guarantee any kind of results and may take several weeks to several months for them to "search" your site.

We will also look for smaller search engines and directories that have a regional or other specific interest that relates to your site.

Online Promotions

If you are serious about promoting your website, it would be wise to consider spending a portion of your advertising budget online. The possibilities include paid listings on search engines, directories, industry specific directories or guides, banner advertising, online newsletters, and more.